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The expert advisor services provided by KDL Consulting, LLC assist the employer in formulating strategic positions regarding the outcome of regulatory action.

–  Assistance and advice provided in assuring OSHA deadlines are understood and met.

–  Focused services can include preparation of all required documentation from the employer to OSHA.

–   Strategies concerning Informal Conferences or formal contest action success can be collaboratively formulated.


The workplace knowledge and ability to ‘speak OSHAese’ in presenting the employer’s position during conference actions affords the employer the best possible outcome. Focus during the conference discussions is on citation validity/appropriateness, citation classification, and penalty reduction.


To date, a 100% success rate has been achieved in attaining the outcome desired by client employers as represented by:

– Reclassification (downgrade) of Repeat Citations                 33%

–  Reclassification (downgrade) of Serious Citations                48%

–  Citation withdrawal                                                                     25%

–  Penalty reduction (final penalty amount)                               54%


KDL Consulting, LLC has partnered with employers in resolving citations that have been issued from OSHA Area Offices across the nation.


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OSHA Post-Inspection Expert Advisor Service
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